The tour starts at Wadi Qidroun in front of the Nations Church where the visitor passes Pharaoh’s Tantour that dates back to the Greek period. There are several biblical legends around the Tantour; however, the Pharaohs were not involved in its construction. It was named due to the resemblance it carries to a Pharaoh’s dome or Tantour in Arabic. While on the trail, the visitor is able to witness many tombs and caves used for burial in early times. Further down the trail, the visitor will arrive at Al-Bustan neighborhood in Silwan south of Al-Haram Al-Sharif. A public road contains Silwan’s pool, to the right of which there is Silwan’s hill or Tel Ovel. Going up the hill, the visitor should beware of the slippery hill trail by staying on the clear path of the trail. After reaching the water spring at the top of the hill, the visitor ends up at Silwan’s pool once again.

Additionally, the visitor can go up the stairs located in front of Silwan’s pool in order to see the visible Canaanite archeological remains such as old houses as well as a beautiful scene of the Eastern part of Jerusalem. Completing the path up the stairs, the visitor reaches the Moroccan Gate and the trail ends.