Suleiman the Magnificent was very keen on providing Jerusalem with access to water/ water resources from south of the country in Hebron and Bethlehem, to Jerusalem completing Herod the Great’s project in the Roman period. Suleiman’s attention to water in Jerusalem created several water pools inside the city of Jerusalem in general and various Ottoman trails of water inside the Old City.

The Ottoman water trail starts from Lions’ Gate at the entrance of the Eastern Wall of the Old City. The trail crosses paths with Via Dolorosa Road until the fifth station of the cross. The visitor continues the trail after the fifth station through Al-Wad Road to Al-Qatanin Market where there is a water pool and an Ottoman bath, which is a part of the planned water structure for the Old City. From Al-Qatanin Market, the visitor reaches Al-Sultan Monastery next to the Church of Holy Sepulchre through Aqbat Al-Sarayah and Aqbat Al-Khaldiya.