The trail starts at Zion Gate, one of Jerusalem Wall’s gates, heading to Al-Sharaf Neighbourhood, which was taken over by the Israeli occupation and is called now the “Jewish Quarter.” Inside the neighbourhood, the visitor faces a small black door leading to the old Roman Market, which contains maps of Roman Byzantine Jerusalem, and then the visitor reaches a semi-closed square that has the Roman Cardo. Afterwards, the visitor heads to an open square with some remains of roman shops and columns. The inside square, leads to the outside square in which the Israeli Hurva Synagogue was built in 2010 where the visitor reaches the middle of the trail at Al-Buraq Wall (Western Wall).

Afterwards, the visitor heads to the Christian Quarter in the direction of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher exploring the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth Stations of the Cross from Via Dolorosa Road down the stairs to the Ethiopian Church arriving at the ninth station. The visitor heads through Via Dolorosa Road to Queen Helena’s Well towards Khan Al-Zair Market to complete the Stations of the Cross from the seventh to the first going through Al-Wad Road, Aqbat Al-Mufti, and Via Dolorosa to Lions’ Gate.